Finally.  The BDSM relationship book you've been waiting for.

The definitive handbook on Domination and Submission (D/s) relationships and the BDSM lifestyle. A must-read for anyone considering or curious about non-traditional relationships within a fetish culture context. Funny, insightful, educational, and inspiring.

Author Michael Makai goes in-depth on Dominants, submissives, switches, primals, and their relationship dynamics. Learn about BDSM activities, bondage, toys, groups, protocols, and safety. This book even dares to go where others fear to tread:  Primal relationships, online BDSM relationships, the Gorean subculture, first meetings, religion vs. kink, and the many ways it can all  go wrong.

You'll love Michael Makai's irreverent and humorous treatment of this subject as he gives you the benefit of his 35+ years of experience in the D/s and BDSM lifestyles.  (496 pages, Paperback)


The BDSM Coloring Book

ALSO from Michael Makai, and Available NOW at!  The BDSM Coloring Book!


Are you looking for a way to explain your BDSM lifestyle choices to your friends or family?  Order Domination & Submission as a gift! This book contains a wealth of information explained in simple, entertaining, and easy to understand language, including chapters on:

  • The real differences between D/s and BDSM.
  • How to know if you're a Dom, sub, switch, or primal.
  • What you absolutely need to know about collars and slave contracts.
  • The differences between online BDSM and real life BDSM.
  • BDSM activities, equipment, and tips to ensure your safety and enjoyment.
  • The role of Polyamory in the D/s lifestyle.
  • How to find your local BDSM lifestyle group, and what to expect at events.
  • What you should know about the Gorean D/s subculture.
  • What can go wrong, and how to avoid a train wreck.
  • How to find true and lasting happiness in this lifestyle.
  • A peek into Mike Makai's personal experiences and lessons learned.
  • A meticulously researched comprehensive glossary of BDSM terms and phrases!
  • And much, much more!


ISBN-13:  978-1492775973

ISBN-10:  1492775975







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 BDSM Handbook, Volume Two