The BDSM Relationship Handbook, by Michael Makai

Book Notes

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12/9/14:  BDSM Writers Con 2015 Interview with Michael Makai

12/5/14:  Submissive Guide Book Review of The BDSM Coloring Book by LibrarianBrat: “There are a few different activity pages similar to what is found in many coloring books, including a Hidden Object picture, word finds, and a dot-to-dot. All in all this is a fun book that I recommend for hours of fun!”

11/26/14:  A Submissive’s Initiative: Spanksgiving Report, by Jessica Cocker. “While Mike discusses what kind of characteristics a WPS has… and why he believes Warrior Princess Submissives are going to be the BDSM community’s saviors, there is loud laughter, lots of heads nodding in agreement and even I have to hold back tears. I can *feel* in the room, as I watch Dominants kiss their submissives on the head and hold them tight, that so many people are finally finding their place- as a Warrior Princess Submissive.”

11/26/14: WordPress Blog: What’s In a Name? by Little BoPeep.  “You are saying to yourself, “Peep really digs this Makai Dom, she was all over his WPS book and now she is drooling over this one”, or perhaps you are younger and your language doesn’t include words like dig. Whatever.”

11/26/14: Goodreads Review by Amy: “He does a fantastic job of clearly identifying & supporting why he believes there is another submissive type, and I love the Warrior Princess.”

11/8/14:  WordPress blog Review by Sofia of The Warrior Princess Submissive

11/7/14:  Rafflecopter Giveaway of 62Q: Sixty-two Questions for Your Dominant, eBook edition. Promotion runs Nov 7 – Dec 31, 2014.  (10 copies will be awarded)

11/4/14:  Goodreads Review of The Warrior Princess Submissive by Lynn: “I found the content very informative, witty at times, heart rendering on several occasions and moving.”

11/4/14:  Goodreads Giveaway of 62Q: Sixty-two Questions for Your Dominant. Promotion runs Nov 04 – Dec 15, 2014.  5 copies available

11/4/14: begins retailing “Domination & Submission Audiobook Edition!

11/2/14: 62Q: Sixty-two Questions for Your Dominant is released as an Amazon Paperback, Kindle ebook, and Smashwords edition!

10/30/14:  Goodreads Review of The Warrior Princess Submissive by Heart5: ”  I enjoyed the book. The author offers some really good insight on the D/s lifestyle, and submissives in particular. There is a nice blend of technical information followed up with personal stories.”

10/20/14:  Little BoPeep blogged about The Warrior Princess Submissive!  Hand Me My Sword!

10/18/14:  Final decision has been made on the cover art for ” 62 Questions for Your Dominant


10/16/14:  Diamond Star Boutique reviewed The BDSM Coloring Book.

10/7/14:  Goodreads Review of The Warrior Princess Submissive by Regina: “Mr. Makai expands on the section I found most interesting from book 1, the personal vignettes at the end of the chapters that give real life application to what you just read about. And, unlike fiction, this stuff is real, real people with real emotions, in real situations, with no guaranteed HEA. Some of the stories left me feeling a little guilty for peering through the key hole.”

10/5/14:  Annie B. blogged about The Warrior Princess Submissive!  Give Me Liberty or Hand Me My Sword!

10/5/14:  The Warrior Princess Submissive accomplishes in 48 hours what it took D&S months to accomplish.


10/3/14:  The Warrior Princess Submissive is released in Amazon Paperback, Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords!

10/2/14:  Goodreads Review: “Mr. Makai was not afraid to challenge your thoughts or write the things you were thinking about, but afraid to say them.”  (Salima)

9/20/14:  Goodreads Review:  “Did you ever think, how much easier would life be, if it came with a handy guidebook? Well this. This is it. This is what I’ve needed in my life. Well this. This is it. This is what I’ve needed in my life.”  (Tsubaki)

07/14/14: The BDSM Coloring Book is released as an Amazon Paperback!

6/9/14:  Amazon Review: “… it was very worth what I paid and will definitely recommend this to anyone…”  (Chelle)

6/4/14:  “10 Page-turners That Will Turn You On!” by Hayley Matthews

6/4/14:  Amazon Review:  “I bought this book to review and I found out just how naive and uninformed I was in regards to these types of relationships. I was amazed…”  (Hasty Words)

5/24/14:  Amazon Review:  “I have not liked very many bdsm books in the past but this one had me riveted . It was easy to read, informative and entertaining.”  (Emelina Glynn)

5/5/14:  Amazon Review:  “This well-written handbook uses humor and real-life examples of the struggles and joys of the lifestyle and BDSM. One time I was crying from a moving story of love and loss and the next I was laughing my ass off. When you get to his ode to Dr. Seuss, you’ll know what I mean!”  (Ellie Bay)

4/6/14:  Amazon UK Review:  “This is the perfect read for anyone considering dipping their kinky toes into the lifestyle of BDSM. It’s also an interesting read for the old hats like me, I particularly found the ‘My Two Cents Worth’ at the end of each chapter entertaining and uniquely insightful.”  (Miss Demeanor)

4/3/14:  Amazon Review:  ” I would recommend this to anyone in or interested in D/s. I will def spread the word!”  (Stacey)

3/26/14:  Amazon Review:  “The tongue-in-cheek humor paired with the personal transparency makes this read stand out from some of the other practical approaches to people exploring Dominance and submission and/or BDSM…”  (AuntKrazy)

3/25/14: Goodreads Review:  “After reading this book…… for the first time in nearly 10 years of being myself, being comfortable with whom I was/am, I have questions…. ”  (Sanet)

3/21/14:  Amazon Review: “This book was so much more than I was expecting. It is the perfect How to/What to/Go to BDSM guide…” (Donna Sherrit)

3/21/14:  Goodreads Review:  “This book was so much more than I was expecting. It is the perfect How to/What to/Go to BDSM guide. Every aspect is touched on.”  (Donna Rae)

3/21/14: Amazon Review:  “This is my go-to book for anyone interested in the D/s (Dominate and submissive) culture. I am reading and rereading every chapter! …  It is smart, engaging, down-to-earth, and wonderfully embellished with humor.” (Megan)

2/23/14:  Goodreads Review: “Fairly interesting, once you get past the writers ego, but he makes fun of himself at the same time.  The section on primals was my favorite.”   (Gwenn)

2/26/14:  Goodreads Review:  “Wow, Wow,  & Wow! After reading the other reviews there is not much else that I can add other than I thoroughly enjoyed this book and heartily thank Mr. Makai for taking the time to write it…”   (Jindjak)

2/18/14:  Amazon Review:  “A fantastic read and very informative for those considering the lifestyle, brand new to the lifestyle, or have been involved in the lifestyle for many years. I especially enjoyed the chapters about Dominants and submissives, the Gorean world, although it isn’t my cup of tea, and polyamory.”  (Andrea Anderson)

2/17/14:  Amazon Review:  “Thank you Michael for explaining things in your book for this newbie to understand.”  (LaGina)

2/15/14:  New Vendor:

2/11/14:  Amazon Review:  “Written so anyone with any level of knowledge or lack thereof can enjoy it…”  (Michelle Laam)

2/9/14:  BDSM Book  “This is a book which should be read slowly, sections highlighted, and kept in a place where it is accessible for referencing at a moment’s notice. Michael Mikai has written a great relationship handbook that will help teach and educate newbies and experienced alike.  Plus, it will entertain and amuse along the way.  A MUST HAVE for any home or electronic library.”  (Master Peter Raven)

2/9/14:  Amazon Review:  “I think everyone should read this one. this is a book that not just helps you learn about you; but also gives you insight into tolerance, safety, history, religion, relationships (regular or vanilla), and perspective from an informed individual. This book is funny, sad, and sometimes even…oh shit…moments occur.”  (Armanus_Gal)

1/23/14:  Amazon Review:  “I was looking for a down-to-earth, let’s-get-real instructional guide to D/s and I joyfully found it in Makai’s book! He covers all the bases in an extremely informative, witty, and often funny way that comforts the reader while achieving the objective – giving you an in-depth view from the inside of the BDSM world.”  (C. Dretzel)

1/23/14:  Amazon Review:  “This book helped me tremendously. I found it to be very helpful and it was an enjoyable read as well.”  (Susan Hardin)

1/23/14:  Amazon Review:  “Very informative and easy to read… I would definitely recommend it.”  (Mattyq)

1/23/14:  Goodreads Book Giveaway on Domination & Submission.  Runs through February 28, 2014.

1/23/14:  Goodreads Review:  “Should be required reading for everyone contemplating the lifestyle, scene, or partners or for those who are writing about the same. Easy to read, insightful, honest and truthful.”  (Synthe)

1/17/14:  Goodreads Review:  “I was expecting a few hundred pages of random info that can be found pretty much anywhere online.  THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS BOOK IS!! Oh NO! This book… Is SO, SO much more! So much so in my opinion, that I am pretty sure there is NO WAY my review is going to come anywhere close to doing it justice…”  (~Mel)

1/17/14:  COUNTDOWN-DAY-TWO-1-17-14

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1/16/14:  Kindle Count Down Promotion:  $0.99 until 1/19/14… and $1.99 til 1/22/14.

1/15/14:  Amazon Review:  “Highly informative. Thoughtfully written. Educational. Seemingly balanced presentation of the lifestyle…” (Shannon)

1/8/14:  New Vendor!  Christies Toy Box will be carrying the book in all 15 brick-and-mortar locations in OK, TX, and MO.

1/7/14:  Amazon Review:  “It does a great job of describing and explaining the BDSM lifestyle and it gave me a lot to think about.”  (Lorac333)

1/2/14:  Domination & Submission is ranked #18 at BDSM Book Reviews.

1/2/14:  Amazon Review:   ” I found  The White Knight Dominant hilarious…”  (Roselover)

1/1/14:  Goodreads Review:  “This [book] provides insight to a world that is far more complex then I previously believed…”  (Michael Shawn Kochuga)

12/30/13:  Amazon Review:  “This books offers so much crucial information to anyone considering the lifestyle, I highly recommend to both new and seasoned adults! amazing book and worth every penny!”  (Liz)

12/29/14:  Goodreads Review:  “The wealth of information and the encouragement for the novice puts the reader at ease, by answering questions they might not have known they had.”  (M)

12/19/13:  12-19-13

12/10/13:  Goodreads Review:  “Mr. Makai presents the reader with a comprehensive review of all things BDSM, and invites the reader to get questions answered that they may have been afraid to ask. ”  (M.)

12/6/13:  Amazon UK Review:  “I have read the most recommended books – The Loving Dominant, BDSM101 and Screw the Roses Send Me the Thorns, and I have to say, they were very hard going at times, didn’t necessarily tell me what I needed to know, and were generally very stuffy with it. This book beats them all hands down!”  (AnniexxUK)

12/5/13:  Amazon Review:  “It’s educational, it’s funny, it’s sexy, and it will give those seeking help the answers they need.”  (Walkergirl)

12/3/13:  12-3-13-lissa

11/29/13:  Goodreads Review:  “What brings the book to life are the personal anecdotes and “two cents” section at the end of each chapter. Through these elements, the author transforms the book from an educational book to an insightful, cultural, lifestyle read with the benefit of well-developed, researched foundation.”  (L~)

11/29/13:  Amazon Review:  “An informative read on the lifestyle.  I believe this to be a great reference for a curious mind.”  (Tracy H.)

11/28/13:  Domination & Submission is in the TOP TEN books in the USA in THREE separate book categories for the first time ever!


11/27/13: Domination & Submission is listed as one of the “Nine Books That Will Change Your Sex Life” by

11/27/13:  Domination & Submission breaks into the TOP TEN books in the USA in the Kindle “Marriage” category for the first time:top-ten

11/23/13:  Amazon Review:   “This is a thoughtful and concise explanation of a complicated subject, and it is for those who are seriously interested in trying a new lifestyle as well as for those who just want to understand.”  (Bambi in Davie)

11/19/13:  11-19-13-eva

11/18/13:  Amazon Review:  “Awesome book. I have to say that I have learned alot from this book. Very well written.”  (Jennifer)

11/18/13:  Goodreads Review – “This is a must read book for those starting into the BDSM lifestyle. It’s also great for those who have been around for a while…   This is a book which should be read with others and discussed. It’s that damn good.”   (BookAddict /La Crimson Femme) 

11/8/13:  Still finding myself listed in some really odd places.  Like this:  Lubbock Medical Equipment  (scroll down a bit).

11/8/13: New Vendor!  Mediander Books

11/8/13:  Okay, I know we joke about calling me the “Fetish Doctor”… but someone want to explain this to me?  My book, for sale at

11/7/13:  New Vendors!  Booktopia in Australia, Rakuntan in USA, in Sweden, Adlibris in Sweden, in USA, and in Australia!

11/6/13:  New Vendor!  Valorebooks – The Student Textbook Marketplace

11/5/13:  Amazon Review:  “Anyone who craves to read, learn, know, LOVE, understand, clarify, be entertained, read everything by Michael Makai ever, feel related to, discover new ideas, obtain accurate information, burst out laughing hysterically, uncover something worthy of lip-nibbling, or simply pass the time owes it to themselves to read Domination & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook.”  (Zie Rayne)

11/5/13:  Untitled-1 copy

11/3/13:  Amazon Review:  “This is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone that’s just starting out in the bdsm lifestyle trying to find their rightful place in it. Excellent read.”  (Sheneque P.)

10/28/13:  Goodreads Review:  “I learned a lot from this book. So thank you “White Knight Dom,” you helped me :)”  (Oceans)



10/25/13:  Goodreads Review:  “Michael Makai has brought his “A” game to shed light on this years “HOT” topic, the sexy,dark and hidden subject BDSM.”  (Zookie)

10/22/13:  New Vendor:  Tower Books!

10/21/13: Southern Sirs Place Book Review

10/20/13: Just bought your book and loving it!  (@Eroticsociety44m)



10/14/13: Amazon Review:  “Best BDSM Book ever!”  (Thrasher’s Slave)

10/14/13: Amazon Review :  “It has been a while since I have read a book regarding the lifestyle and I have become really excited about it. This book has delivered and then some.” (FL-Eagle)   Same review at Goodreads.

10/11/13:  Goodreads Review: “I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.” (Vicki)

10/10/13:  Goodreads Review: “Whether you are simply curious or have been in the lifestyle many years. Master to novice will appreciate this wonderful book.” (Jessie) 

10/06/13:  Yvette R:  I got the Kindle version, and I’ve already given the link to a couple of people who were asking questions because I flat out felt to lazy to explain things myself!

10/06/13:  KindleMojo Blog started

10/06/13:  Interview at

10/05/13: 1st edition D/s Weekly published

10/05/13:  ‏Sara G:  Just needed to tell you how great the book is so far. Writing is excellent and is very informative.

10/04/13:  Book Giveaway on this website (ends Oct 31st)

10/04/13:  New Vendors:  Abe Books (UK) and Powell’s Books!

10/03/13:  Chris Starkey:  Bought your book on Kindle today. Looking forward to reading it!

10/02/13:  Amazon Review:  A must read for all! (Lil’ Red)

10/02/13:  Lil’ Red:  OMG! Your Dr. Suess poem rocked!  LOL!  My ribs hurt!!

10/01/13:  Book Giveaway at Goodreads (ends Oct 31st)

10/01/13:  New Vendors:!

10/01/13:  Goodreads Review:  “You’ll find yourself picking it up over and over.”  (Diana)

09/30/13:  Miss Taken:  Look forward to reading your work!!

09/30/13:  Jace Wilde:  I look forward reading your work…

09/29/13:  Kit Michele Love:  Lookin’ fwd to readin’ your new book!  After reading the excerpt on Amazon, I was hooked.

09/28/13:  Amazon Review:  So you want to know about the lifestyle?  (Regina W.)

09/27/13:  New Vendors:  Barnes & Noble and Books A Million!

09/26/13:  Chocolate Slave:  Looks good. But the cover should have been old school. Domina’s boots on sub’s back/head or a leash!   #critic

09/26/13:  Regina W:  Stayed up way too late reading your book. So many thought provoking questions!

09/25/13:  Goodreads Review:  This was a great read, very insightful and entirely entertaining!  (Dei)

09/22/13:  Chelsea:  Congrats on your book release! I admit, I don’t know a ton about BDSM so I’m looking forward to reading it.

09/22/13:  Flower:  I’d love to see a #happydommydamnce!  😉  Congratulations also.  xx

09/20/13:  Secret Pleasures:  Happy-Dommy-Dance?   Pics, or it didn’t happen!  :p. Congrats! We can’t wait to read it!