The BDSM Relationship Handbook, by Michael Makai

Mike Makai’s Polyamory Quiz


What’s Your PQ?*  (Poly Quotient)

This quiz tests your knowledge of the Poly lifestyle and relationships.  All questions are multiple-choice. Choose the best answer. Each quiz consists of 20 randomly-selected questions from our database, so the quiz may be different each time in content and question order.

Don’t be intimidated by the scores you see on the leaderboard!  It’s usually the people with high scores who choose to be listed.  The average score is probably close to about 50%.

Please note.  This quiz is designed to raise awareness about polyamory.  The questions were well-researched and thoroughly documented.  It was designed to be hard.  If you consider polyamory to be a religion and yourself to be its high priest or priestess, get over yourself.  This is for awareness and entertainment purposes only.  Please don’t go getting your panties in a bunch over it.  Or, if you must, at least get pictures.

If you would like to leave a  comment or suggestion regarding this Poly Quiz, please use our comment form.   © 2013 Michael Makai.


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